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Fire Sprinkler Systems

The expertise within our team mean that we are very well positioned to survey and advise you of the best course of action with regards to your fire safety sprinkler systems - whether that be in the home, workplace, school, university or indeed any building - working with sprinkler and mist systems. ​​

We cover everything from consultation, design, installation and maintenance. As well as fire sprinkler systems we work with dry risers of all sizes and ensure they meet with the BS9990 standard. 

What is a mist system?

A mist system is the modern fire suppression solution replacing the fire sprinkler systems - predominantly this is more fitted to residential properties. It eliminates concerns over water damage from the traditional sprinkler systems where carpets and soft furnishings would normally be ruined. It also remove the need for a large water supply tank which homes may not have the space to accommodate. 

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