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Heat Interface Units London

Servicing & Repairs

You can count on our Specialised Engineers to repair, service and install your HIUs (Heat Interface Units).

We can offer you emergency response services as well as ongoing maintenance and servicing contracts. Our team are very efficient, having problem solved many HIUs over the years.

We are operating around London and surrounding areas, please contact us to find out how we can help you today. 

Is it important to regularly service HIUs?

We would recommend an annual service to ensure everything is working correctly and your unit is at its optimum performance level. 


By leaving your HIU unattended it is likely to lead to its underperformance, intermittent heating & hot water, higher bills and a shorter life span. 

We will provide you with a written report that shows a full account of all the works undertaken on the HIU, including any advisories for further works.

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